borrowed thoughts | the girl worth having

“why don’t you tell me that ‘if the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you’? no, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.” – f. scott fitzgerald, this side of paradise


spring reading

spring has arrived! and while the northeast is still subjecting us to snow flurries, you can feel the change in the seasons. the days, while cold, are sunny – and getting longer. the air feels fresh rather than purely frigid. this change always inspires me to do two things: clean and read. i can’t wait to lounge outside with iced coffee and lose myself in a book. to top things off, the timing has worked out wonderfully: having just completed my qualifying exam (a major graduate school milestone), i can finally dive into some fiction without feeling guilty. here’s what i’m starting with:


1. so, confession… i actually picked this up at the airport on friday and tore through it this weekend. i couldn’t put it down! the expats, chris pavone’s debut novel, is a fast-paced combination of spy thriller and drama. with a heroine you can root for and plot twists that keep you guessing until the last page, i highly recommend it as the start to your spring reading list.

2. ernest hemingway has been on my list for ages and i’ve finally decided to commit to reading his works. the sun also rises needs no introduction but in addition to being an american classic, it’s hailed as the ultimate expat novel. so this is ideal for someone like me (living vicariously through novels while saving up money to actually go abroad).

3. i can’t wait to bury myself in love in the time of cholera by gabriel garcia marquez.  how can you resist the chance to get swept up in an epic love triangle?  and the book won a nobel prize.

4. the reviews i’ve heard of tell the wolves i’m home have been nothing but stellar.  carol rifka brunt’s novel describes a girl and her family dealing with the late 80s AIDS epidemic.  it sounds heartbreakingly poignant and moving.

what’s on your spring reading list?

style thoughts | closet essentials

ever since i graduated college, i’ve been phasing out the trendier pieces in my wardrobe and trying to collect more classic pieces. (this has been especially critical since moving into a studio apartment with limited closet space). that’s not to say i don’t get swept up in some of the fads (i have a penchant for flamenco ruffled skirts) but it’s always nice to have versatile pieces that i know will last me several years. this week, i thought i’d share some of my wardrobe essentials.

closet essentials

– a tailored blazer
– a khaki trench
– dark over-sized sunglasses
– pearl studs
– a black dress that can go from an office look with a blazer to date night with a statement necklace
– sturdy, classic black pumps that can be worn to work or out on the town
– patterned scarves
– a longchamp tote (really any black tote, but i’ve been living out of my longchamp lately)
– a flattering pair of skinny jeans
– a striped tunic

weekend inspiration

happy friday everyone! it’s been an especially trying week and i can’t convey how glad i am it’s finally over. as i mentioned on wednesday, i’m headed up north for a long weekend spent relaxing with family, logging some serious puppy time, and wandering newbury street. hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!

i’ve had a major sweet tooth lately and these salted caramel brownies look divine.

absolutely love this painted white piano.

and while we’re on pianos, i also love this cheery pale blue one.

i have a long-time love affair with skirts with volume and skirts with striped tops.

i’m already planning ahead to have friends over for a meal al fresco.

this simple bedroom looks super cozy.

wanderlust wednesday | boston

maybe it’s just a manifestation of the hump day blues but mid-week, i often find myself fantasizing about a weekend getaway. does anybody else get like this?

anyway, this week my fantasy will actually be a reality. come friday, i’m shipping up to boston for a long weekend with friends and family.

my love for boston stems from many things. in addition to being my home turf, i love all of the history in the city. i love the salty tang of the atlantic that i can taste by the harbor. from the brownstones in the back bay to the colonial feel of faneuil hall to the stretching green space of the common, almost everything about the city charms me.

my own photo of boston from 10,000 ft up

Boston skyline
boston skyline (via flickr)